Turbocharge Your Process Development for Productivity, Scalability & Product Quality

2nd Viral Vector Process Development Europe Summit

Optimise & Streamline Viral Vector Development to Achieve GMP Manufacturability & Reduce COGS

Following the recent approvals of BioMarin and CSL Behring’s viral vector-based therapies, Q4 2023 saw VectorY and Nouscom successful fund raising to progress their candidates through the pipeline. With over 800 viral vectors still in their Ph1 – 3, the ability to streamline process development and strengthen downstream activities will be crucial to demonstrate product quality, patient safety and efficacy to the regulatory agencies.

The 2nd Viral Vector Process Development Europe Summit recognise the challenge biopharma and CDMOs currently face – from the urgent need to improve platform strategy for process intensification, enhance purification and overall yield, to harmonise process standards – and therefore will return to Amsterdam to unite 80+ European viral vector leaders to share lessons learned and brainstorm solutions.

In collaboration with Quell Therapeutics, Janssen, CSL Behring, we look forward to hosting this 3-days summit to delve into the pressing issues and have your burning questions answered, including

    • ‘Plug & play’ – integrate and adopt platform approaches for your viral vector process developments
    • Novel technology to enhance your downstream process development to reduce empty capsids and COGS
    • From scale-down to scale-up, achieve commercial GMP manufacturing of your viral vectors while upholding product quality
    • Assess and optimise your process for novel capsid to mitigate aggregation level with novel formulation techniques
    • Learn to navigate the complex and ambiguous regulatory guidance to demonstrate a robust, validate and reliable process to agencies for smooth approvals

As a collective, it’s time to act and tackle these challenges in 2024, and propel safe, affordable and accessible viral vector-based therapies for patients in need.